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Winter '17 Update

There's been some exciting progress going on in the forums and behind the scenes. First, Bobbtmann, who has already provided us with many quality models, has adopted the Nebulon-B Frigate and is making great progress towards completing this important movie ship.

We've also having fun incorporating all squadron colors for Rebel Starfighters as well. Mission builders can pick from any squadron and have the appropriate colored ship appear in game. We're also hoping to implement this for team colors in multiplayer matches.

There's plenty of work being done behind closed doors as well. We're busy polishing up the user interface, testing the campaign missions, and squashing bugs. We're also working hard to make sure all the latest improvements in the FreeSpace Open SCP (game engine) work seamlessly with Fate of the Galaxy. So far 2017 is shaping up to be a very productive year for the team and we hope to keep up the momentum!

To finish, enjoy a new in-game screenshot from Niffiwan!